Some women feel safest in a high-tech medical environment for the delivery of their baby, yet they want to be in the security of their own surroundings with their own routine as soon as possible. For those of you who are among these women, an ambulant birth may be the best alternative.

In addition to undergoing the various medical controls and routine hospital procedures during labour and birth, you will be observed for the first hours after birth and, when everything goes well, a healthy mother and baby can go home after a minimum of six to eight hours (you can certainly choose to stay longer). Please note that an ambulant birth is possible only if you have a midwife to attend you at home.

It is advised that you select a professional, free-lance midwife well in advance of your birth and arrange for her to attend to you and baby as soon as you are at home. In addition to performing all routine check-ups that would normally take place in hospital, she is available to give you personal support, advice about breastfeedng, answers to any questions that come up as a new parent, etc.

Also inquire about the hospital's policy of allowing your midwife to be present with you at the birth. Although this is not common practice, it is beginning to happen in some places.