Language English
Next Class Privately scheduled
Dates and Times
Privately scheduled
Location Küsnacht ZH
For prospective parents Participation recommended after the 26th week of your pregnancy

 This class focuses on the practical approaches to successful breastfeeding and how to prevent common problems. Insightful information about the midwife’s role during labour and birth is also included.

Topics include

Tips for successful breastfeeding Potential Difficulties
Correct latching on Breast engorgement
Positions for breastfeeding Sore Nipples
Frequency of feeds Inverted or flat nipples
A well-developing child Plugged ducts
Bottle feeding Mastitis / breast infection


Presented in English by professional lactation consultant, Francine Lüthi-Martin. In addition to conducting classes for both medical professionals and expectant parents, Francine worked for 20 years at the Frauenklinik, University Hospital, Zurich, in a variety of roles (maternity nurse, midwife and lactation consultant). She currently works as a midwife at a birthing centre in Bäretswil (GeburtshausZürcherOberland), makes home visits to support women who are experiencing problems with breastfeeding, and provides homecare after birth (Wochenbett).


Presented in a one-evening session, expectant dads are also encouraged to attend. A maximum of twelve participants per session.

Private Classes and Consultations

Francine is available for private consultations in your home or in hospital (English or German). Government regulations stipulate that three breastfeeding consultations (with a certified lactation consultant only) be paid for by your insurance company. Remit receipts for reimbursement of a maximum CHF 78.00 per session. This class also qualifies as one consultation.

Note that the Breastfeeding Class consists of one session and is also integrated into the BIRTH PREPARATION Course.

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