Preparing for Childbirth


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May  2020

Dates and Times

Format B:

Sunday: May 2020    11:00 - 18:00

Location Florastrasse 22, 8700 Küsnacht ZH
For prospective parents Participation recommended after the 26th week of your pregnancy

Living far away from “home” and having a baby is one of the biggest challenges of your life - particularly without extended family nearby.

The New Stork Times team offers prenatal classes in English to assist you as a couple in preparing for birth and parenthood. Our aim is to provide educational information about the birth process, introduce relaxation techniques, and help reduce anxieties about having your baby in Switzerland.

By learning what happens during each stage, you will learn to work with your body instead of against the natural processes of birth. By understanding your options, you will be able to make responsible choices regarding the type of birth you desire.

Topics include

  • Birthing in Switzerland
  • Partner’s role during labour & birth
  • Active birth
  • Stages of labour
  • Options in childbirth
  • Pain management / relieving pain
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing
  • Caesarean birth
  • Postpartum support
  • Comfort measures
  • New parenthood


Classes are conducted by Andrea Bader Rusch. Midwife, Francine Lüthi-Martin (see Francine’s details under Infant Care and Breastfeeding courses) joins the extended format A course for the breastfeeding session.

Mother of two daughters, Andrea experienced a hospital birth in the USA and a home birth in Switzerland. She knows the importance of being “well-prepared” both physically and psychologically and considers the following as essential:

  • Allowing time to prepare for the birth and to practice relaxation & breathing techniques
  • Gaining confidence in your innate ability to give birth
  • Finding your “safe place” to give birth
  • Remaining active and in charge
  • Having support from a person you trust

Even if you are a second-time parent, you may want to learn more about having a baby here in Switzerland.


A: This is an intensive childbirth preparation course catering to the needs of today’s professional couple. Conducted in a comfortable and compassionate setting, classes typically include two half-day sessions and one evening session. A maximum of six couples ensures that your personal situation and concerns are addressed.

B: This is a one-day session designed for a maximum of three couples who need a condensed version of the extended course. Conducted by Andrea Bader Rusch, format B does not include the information on breastfeeding.

Private Classes and Consultations

Private classes tailored to your specific needs are also available upon request. Consultations throughout your pregnancy are also an option (English or German).

We recommend that you attend this course after the 26th week of your pregnancy.

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